Friday, August 10, 2007

Late Night Cheese

Holy cow. Have you guys seen Bravo's new show Flipping Out? I was up late last night, and since I'm a Top Chef-a-holic, I was hoping to find a re-run, but stumbled across this trainwreck instead. It's basically about this gay guy in Los Angeles, who has a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder and buys fixer uppers, remodels them and then sells them. It looks like he's a serious freak, and his only friends are the gaggle of "assistants" (wanna-be actors) he pays to work for him.

On last night's episode, he makes one of his passive aggressive assistants take his cat to the vet for acupuncture. The cat gets pissed off (who wouldn't?) and you realize Los Angeles is filled with money grubbing jerks that will inflict pain on an animal in the name of making a buck. (Ah, brings back my fond college days at UCLA....) Seriously, this is television at its cheesiest, and I personally cannot wait to find the next episode.

The insensitivity of this show is mind boggling. They feature Jeff (the OCD boss-man) throwing a birthday party for his Mexican live-in maid. There she is, blindfolded, in full maid regalia, hitting a pinata with a stick. The camera then flashes to the demolition of a house, showing guys crashing a shower door in, with the former owner glumly looking on. Capitalism at its finest!

In other news, I'm hosting playgroup this afternoon. Please, please, please pray that my house makes it through this afternoon in one piece.

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