Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Search For LollyBlogger

You may not have noticed me rocking my sidebar with Tweets, but I've caved. I've joined Twitter. And subsequently, become obsessed with it. It's a lot easier to be pithy and funny in 50 words or less. (or something like that). Anyhoo-- if you tweet, please come say hello.


Ian's mom said...

so they really showed up with the kids?! I'm always amazed by the gall of some people.

Kristie said...

I don't "tweet" (Facebook is as close as it gets) but I did want you to know (and, ahem, belatedly ask permission) that I put a link to your blog in my sidebar. Let me know if you'd prefer I remove it .... (just figured if I read you often, others might like to as well and I could make it easier with a link!) :)