Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finding Balance

Yin: He gets up at 4:30am. Happily. HIs eyes pop open, he jumps out of bed, and can't wait to start his day. Morning is his favorite time of day.

Yang: I hate the morning. Despise. Always have, Always will. I sleep until the last possible moment, and my mornings are a crabble of lost ballet slippers, breakfast eaten in the car and any makeup on my face is a leftover from yesterday.

Yin: he's an introvert
Yang: Well, I'm not. At All.

Yin: He loves to fill our weekends with lots of things to do. Outside of the house.
Yang: I would happily while away my life in my pajamas. If only it were socially acceptable to walk around bra-less, in my Costco pjs that currently serve as a form of birth control. And if I never had to leave the house? Happiness.

Yin: He thinks nothing of deciding to throw an impromptu get together with friends. And call them, in the middle of the Italian market where we were buying lunch today, WITHOUT TELLING ME.
Yang: Ummm.. hello? Have you seen our house today? Not exactly company ready. I think I scared the Italian deli guy with my shrieks of disbelief. He hid behind some proscuitto.

But we made it work. And it was really nice to see friends that we went through medical school with. And sit on our patio, and eat Italian cold cuts, and drink a bit of vino. And who cares if the Barbie pieces weren't picked up, or that there were pancake dishes in the sink and that the dog jumped on everyone? And my yin? Well, he may live to see another morning.

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