Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lollyblogger The Grouch

One sign that I'm either growing up or turning senile is that now I call people on their sh*t. Years ago, I was a nice person. A very nice person. Some, may even go so far as to describe me as a pushover. I had a hard time saying no. I was used to putting on a smile and making the best of situations. Now that I'm in the throes of my 30's, I'm not so nice.

I can write about this, because the people it involves do not read this. And if they do, well, it's no secret. I'm throwing a party for someone on Saturday, and it's been in the works for a while. Invitations have gone out. A month ago. I received very few rsvps. I don't know most of the people invited, so didn't really know what to expect. Today, TWO DAYS before the party, someone calls and leaves me this message:

"Hi, It's "Person Who Clearly Has No Common Sense" , and I'm so sorry for the lateness of my reply, but I'm calling to let you know that I will be attending the party, and so will my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and my 2 children."

This stuff makes my head explode. I had to call the honoree and ask for No Common Sense's phone number to tell her she, at the very least, couldn't bring her kids. This didn't go over very well. Apparently, this person told them it was ok. Because, my kids will be there. Because they live here. But whatever.

I kind of like being a meanie, but I'm pretty sure the people around me don't.


Tara said...

People are great, aren't they? Reminds me of the infamous RSVP card I got for my wedding in which people checked their meal preference, but then added how they would like their steaks prepared in handwriting on the response card and added their veggies of choice.

Much luck on the party!

Ian's mom said...

Good Girl! I kind of like you being a meanie too - if it means standing up for yourself! Today will go great and then thankfully it will be over. Think of it as your random act of kindness for the day :-)
Sorry to have cut our chat short know I wnt to hear all about today, so call me when you can!
Love ya mean girl!!

Jill said...

Oh that incenses me SO friggin much! People really are inconsiderate at times...

Hope the party goes well - sans kids!