Sunday, March 29, 2009

Breakfast Club

This weekend was a big one around here. Elton John and Billy Joel were playing at Honda Stadium, and everybody but yours truly was going to see them. (including my parents! Who are then going to Phoenix next week to see BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. When did my life become so much less interesting than my folks'?). Among the audience was an old, old college friend of my husband's that flew in from San Francisco. Despite this being his first trip away from home with his wife since having children, he insisted he wanted to stop at our house for breakfast before his flight this morning.

I was told to be ready at 8:15am. That's almost the middle of the night for me, especially on a Sunday morning. But I did it. I rallied. I made the beds, made sure the kids looked presentable, made a pot of coffee, popped the breakfast casserole in the oven, cut up some fruit and started frying bacon. Then the phone rang. It was now, 8:30am.

"Ummm...... hey there. " my husband says. "You haven't taken a shower yet?" he looks at me, nervously.

"No problem. We're not too far away. No, I wouldn't suggest stopping at your hotel's All-You-Can-Eat breakfast buffet, we've got plenty of food here for you guys." He then refuses to make eye contact with me as I start slamming bacon around the kitchen. I may have told you before, but I'm not much of a morning person, and I HAD MASCARA on, people! Sheesh.

"Ok, great. See you in a few." he hangs up the phone.

They showed up at 9:30, and after we welcomed them in, his wife walks into the kitchen and says to her husband, "Why didn't you tell me there would be food here? Why did you insist we eat all of that food at the hotel?" The husband looked at me sheepishly and shrugged his shoulders and said, "Because it was free." Last I checked, we didn't charge anyone for breakfast at our house, but whatever.

So later, they start telling us how they are throwing Mr. Free Buffet a 40th birthday party at a Raw/Vegan restaurant in Berkeley. They ask if we'll come. My husband, because, at times, can have the BEST comedic timing on the planet quickly replies, "Oh yeah, we'll go. But first, we'll make sure we stock up at our hotel's All-You-Can Eat buffet."

I love him.


Kristie said...

For the most part, if people are running a few minutes late, it doesn't really bother me. Especially if I'm waiting at a restaurant with spinach dip and a diet soda in front of me. But if I do any sort of work myself, including cooking and/or cleaning??? Oh, they had DARN well better show up on time, and hungry!!

Actually, this used to be such a chronic problem with my brother in law that we began to eat without him. Because we're nice like that.

Heather said...

Sweet! Bonus points for that!