Friday, September 14, 2007

"You Like Her, You Really Really Like Her!"

Remember the nice lady that came to pay us a visit and brought me a nice, FREE packet of unsolicited advice to help Annie adjust in school? You know, the one Annie almost scarred for life with her Picasso poop painting? Well, today I had a nice meeting with the poop-scar free lady and Annie's teachers at school.

I was really nervous. Since we've moved both the dinner hour and bed-time up by an hour, things have improved dramatically. Annie also REALLY likes her big girl classroom, and while her stubborness and ability to always try and control each and every situation have not dissipated, her tantrums have. So, even though her daily reports from her teachers have been good, for the most part, I was still nervous they wanted to go ahead with the meeting.

I always get nervous before these things. Nothing strikes fear in my heart faster than a parent teacher conference. It is completely ridiculous- and my Mother makes fun of me, but I get intimidated. I did not need to be nervous. Annie's new teachers ROCK. They've only known my kid for 2 weeks, but they have her completely down. And more importantly, they appreciate her. They LIKE her. They enjoy her boundless energy, they know she's freakishly smart and they laugh at her manipulation skills. They are also, successfully, teaching her- not only to write her name, but to quit punching kids in line and respect other's boundaries. They also laugh hysterically at her antics. This immediately made me a fan. Especially when one of her teacher's said, "Annie is a great kid. She's not a problem kid. Believe me, I've had my share of problem kids- and this one isn't. Is she stubborn? Yes. Does she like to control things? Yes. But this will serve her well in life. We just need to teach her how to adapt." This was music to my ears, especially since there was a unanimous agreement to not enroll Annie in any of the programs the Picasso Poop lady offered- because really, her advice was so outdated and NOT useful, it was a bit of a joke.

Whew! A relief. It's so hard when you're parenting your first born- because, as my pediatrician says- "Parenting is like that Bill Murray movie, 'Groundhog Day'. Every morning, you wake up to EXACTLY the same events, but you've got to change your gameplan to make it work. And no 2 days are ever the same." True. Very, very true.

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