Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Letter Of The Day

Today was supposed to be my favorite kind of day. Annie calls them the "P Days"- because P stands for pajamas (which we stay in for as long as possible), Pancakes (which we all make for breakfast- a real mess by the way,) the Pool (because it is still a 100 degree inferno here) and the Park (in case either of my kids have an ounce of energy left in them, we hit this in the late afternoon). However, Lucy kicked off this morning's party in style, with the unplanned explosion of Poop. Lots of it. So, it seems some of our Plans will be Postponed.

1 comment:

Sugar Photography said...

LOL-have had a few of those days lately myself.

they are Pleasurable.

in the meantime-you've been Picked (see the blog)