Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I hosted my Cooking Club tonight. The theme was "Fall Favorites" and my friends really outdid themselves. I made a butternut squash soup (Barefoot Contessa of course!) and others brought a wild mushroom risotto, a spicy pot roast, apple slices in a delicious toffee dip, pumpkin bars, cranberry pecan pie and a banana bread pudding. Plus, I bumped into a friend at the pool- who had a baby four months ago and really wanted to come, but didn't have time to cook. She brought the wine.... really, really good wine- so everyone stayed much later and drank way more than normal. It was a good time. Annie only made one grand appearance (clothed! We're making progress!) and Matt got to hibernate and go to bed early.

I took the kids to the pool today to tucker them out in preparation for tonight's festivities. It worked so well, I'm going to repeat this adventure when the Grey's Anatomy premiere starts soon. Annie tried to take a nap, but I sabotaged her and jumped on top of her and tickled her out of the land of nod. (Payback can be a bitch). I also taught her the term "going commando" in the women's locker room today. She, of course, didn't want to wear undies on the ride home. This should go over well in preschool tomorrow. Her lesson for tomorrow is to tell a story about what you like to do with your family. I'm preparing myself with some Valium and a reminder that I'm no Britney Spears.

So, aside from some dirty dishes, my house is spanking ass clean. (I love it when people come over!)

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