Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sleep Tight

I'm tired today. I missed my girls so much yesterday, we celebrated our day home with a jam packed day at the local pool. (note: no floating biohazards today). I packed us a picnic, and we braved the heat to go play in spray fountains and swim. I didn't realize how hot it was, until I jumped into the pool and the water felt like ice against my steamy skin. It was HOT here today.

After getting home for naps, I remembered that I agreed to babysit a friend's kids so she could go to a parent/teacher conference. I whipped the house into shape and then watched 3 crazy kids while my baby took a nap. They fought over playdough, they duked it out over cookies, and then chased each other in exhausting rings around my coffee table, while I sat and watched- and prayed no one cracked their head open on the coffee table like I did when I was 3.

Matt called and (no surprise) announced he was slammed at work and neither of us could attend the open house at preschool. A blessing in disguise really, since I feel like a cotton ball that is slowly being shredded apart. I'm really glad I didn't fork over $500 to that quack of a psychologist for my Annie- an earlier bed time and a good ol'fashioned bribe of more Jibbitz for her Crocs has worked wonders. It's not even 8pm, and she's sound asleep. Life is good.

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