Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Every Party Has a Pooper

My cousin Tara just sent me her blog, and it was so laugh-out-loud funny, touching and all around inspiring, I'm wanting to write again. Hopefully this new location will omit all of the pedophiles and Texas state prisoners that started calling me collect. (Thank you myspace!)

My Annie is now obsessed with time. What day is it Mommy? Where did yesterday go? What are we doing today? What comes after Tuesday? What do we do on Wednesdays? When it was May first, I thought she would be excited at the change in the calendar. She asked, in a very concerned voice "but where did April go?"

Want to hear about our May? I don't remember a month filled with so much angst. It started off with Matt's medical boards. He had to take his national board exams in Chicago the first week of May. My Matt is a natural born test taker. Five years ago, he could have polished off half a bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila and successfully passed the LSATs. Now, I'm not so sure. Things started to get grim when his study group began taking "practice exams" every Sunday. Sunday night, Matt would tell me that he failed his exam. Hardy har har, I guffawed out loud. Then I realized he was serious. Every spare moment (and he doesn't really have much of em' folks) was spent studying for this test. Yes, of course he passed- but he is also now sporting some sexy salt & pepper in his head of hair.

After boards, Matt flew west to attend the wedding of a dear friend. Yours truly stayed home and watched the kids. (We didn't feel bringing a 3.5 year old and an 18 month old was quite the wedding gift this darling couple was looking for). He came home on Monday, and on Wednesday- my little Lucy had surgery to put tubes in her ears. Then, that weekend my in-laws arrived for a visit (thank God! I actually got to read 2 whole novels while they were here- sublime bliss). After that, Matt hit the road again- this time to DC to present a paper at a conference. I stayed home and took the girls to see Shrek3 for some quiet time.

So Dear Reader, I am pooped, Matt is definitely pooped, Annie still requires a pull up to poop in and Lucy now proudly announces when she is pooping. Here's to a quiet June.

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