Friday, November 17, 2006

A Big Old Messy Mess....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

They weren't kidding when they said everything is bigger in Texas. The bugs, the hair, the hospitality. (Side note: the bugs are not only big, but horror movie big. We had a bit of roach problem upon moving in, and they liked to snuggle up in Annie's big girl bed. Nothing sends shivers down your spine faster than going to tuck in your wee one, and pulling back the sheets to find 2 cockroaches so big, you could put them in a roasting pan and serve them for Thanksgiving. When I called the exterminator, he asked me to describe them. I said- "big roach." They asked, "how big?" I said VERY. They asked, "big enough to put a saddle on and take them for a ride?" I think they see these roaches/turkeys quite often.)
But I wasn't expecting the weather to get bigger- but it is. Yesterday was a very intense weather day. (I'm afraid I'm starting to sound like a senior citizen- you know how much they love to talk about the weather, but as long as I don't start sending you news clippings in the mail, I figure I'm safe). We got ten inches of rain overnight, and gobs more yesterday.
The thunder was constant- and lightening happened all throughout the day. Our garage flooded, which was just delightful- unfortunately, our friend decided to store some boxes in our garage while he vacationed, and those are now quite soggy. To quote Laurie Bernkner, "it's a big ol' messy mess."
Today, we're drying out and getting ready for a four day visit from Greepa. Annie has "Daddy day" at preschool, and this lucky kid gets to take her Daddy and her Greepa. Should be lots of fun.

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