Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh God, It's Friday.

Today was my turn to host our playgroup. Every Friday, a group of us get together with the kids, and have dinner. We take turns hosting- so you go six or seven weeks without having to cook your kids dinner on Friday night, and if your hubby is lucky- he can go grab a beer (or in my case, work late).

However, any ease you may feel in not cooking for six or seven weeks is completely obliterated when it is your turn to host. I had 13 kids here today, folks. 13 little ones in my 1700 square foot home. I had pee pee on my living floor, every sippy cup in creation tossed to the winds of neverneverland and every drop of milk hijacked from the fridge. My playroom looks like a lifesized version of the bottom of my purse. My kids are pumped up on sugar, and I feel like a deflated balloon. Thank God it's my turn to do this to someone else next Friday.

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