Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tell The Whole Truth

I love five. Have I said that recently? Five is a great age. Five gives your kid this earnestness about everything they say. Everything is said with such inflection, with such honesty. I could sit and listen to Annie speak all day. She opens her eyes wide, and uses her "jazz hands" when she's really well, jazzed about something. (sorry, couldn't resist).

Last night, she loved the salad we had for dinner. A simple spinach salad- with hard boiled eggs, red onion, bacon and sunflower seeds. She kept shoving it in her mouth and said, "Mom! This salad is so good I can't stop eating it!" Which is great, because she mostly now eats bananas and any junk food she can get her hands on. We're in a bit of a picky stage.

The other day, an unnamed family member was walking her into a store. The family member made a joke about trying on Lucy's coat and Annie exclaimed, "But you can't! You're fat! Really, really fat!" I about died, and started to apologize, but this person just laughed and said, "well, I am!" So there you go. Five. It's great. Honest.

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Heather said...

Nice! Nothing like a bite of honesty.