Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Most Boring Blog Post Of All Time

House update forthcoming- so if you don't mindlessly vegetate in front of HGTV from time to time wishing Candice Olson would come to your house and have a party with Nate Berkus- avert your eyes.

The house is consuming me, and moving along at a snail's pace. I've ordered 2 rugs- one for the living room, and one for the dining room. This is a major accomplishment, because while most of our floors are quirky and fun (quartz flagstone)- the previous owners decided to play a nasty joke on me and inset ugly, ugly, ugly tile in the middle of my formal rooms.

Of course, the tile is not of a standard area rug size, so any band aid has to be custom. Of COURSE! 

So I've got me some rugs coming. And..... that's about it. I've picked out a sofa, a coffee table, a chandelier, two chairs, two lamps and some random accessories. But I'm not buying any of it. We had to pay our property taxes this month, and while this is no Harris County (people think Houston is affordable, but it has THE highest property tax rate in the country) it still did some major damage to our savings account. So I'm going to wait a while. And hope I can find some better deals. When the rugs come in, I promise a picture--- for all you Nate Berkus fans.

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Ian's mom said...

I'm dying to see it!!! Can we paint a room or two when i come for a visit??? hang some pictures? re-arrange furniture? (dang - I'm a decorating geek!)