Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Now Pronounce You Freaky and Disturbing

We hit Disney again this week. The girls didn't have school on Thursday, and it was the day before Annie came down with pneummonia (seriously!)- so we spent six hours with Mickey. I love how excited my kids get- but there is something really creepy and sinister that always befuddles me.

Disney newlyweds. Have you seen them? Newly married brides and grooms- wearing bridal Mickey Mouse ears and usually severely overweight and in dire need of lasik eye surgery. They can usually be found standing on the huge lines to meet various Disney characters. Clutching their autograph books, they shove the little kids aside and take their picture with a guy dressed up like Winnie the Pooh that you know is dying a little on the inside. When I took the anklebiters to Ariel's Grotto for some lunch, the newlyweds in attendance completely upstaged the princesses with their freaky gasps of wonder. It really, really scares me. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to fill their autograph books with meaningless signatures is akin to seeing a 42 year old man walk around in diapers. Highly inappropriate and disturbing.

We are home now, safe from the Disney freaks and going to call it a quiet weekend filled with breathing treatments and antibiotics.


Ian's mom said...

I thought I was the only one who thought they were creepy!

Heather said...

So seen them and they are creepy! Good call!