Monday, October 27, 2008

The Big Day

I am birthday partied out. And we haven't even had her shindig yet. On Saturday, we invited all available family over for a "birthday dinner party." She got to pick the menu. Here is what was served:
selection of cheeses & parmesan crisps with grapes (appetizer)
fruit salad (blueberries, blackberries and strawberries)
Asian salad (lettuce, crispy Chinese noodles, mandarin oranges, green onions, cucumber and enough Paul Newman's Sesame Ginger dressing to take a bath in)
corn on the cob
a huge platter of Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets.

The grandparents haven't eaten Chick Fil A in forever, and watching them gorge themselves on the nuggets was like watching Bill Clinton interview interns. We had 9 people over for dinner,- and this group ate 110 chicken nuggets.  That is OVER 12 nuggets per piggish person.

For dessert, I attempted to make a pink lady cake from This was the strangest cake. Instead of creaming butter and sugar- you mix the dry ingredients and then add fruit puree and butter. It almost burned out the motor on my mixer. After all was said and done, I say "eh." But she liked it. It sure was pink.

Today, on her actual birthday- I got to sit in her class and watch them decorate her birthday cupcakes. She wore a crown with red glitter candles, and they invited her big sister to join them for snack (which was very nice and made Lucy feel special). After school, I changed her into her Sleeping Beauty halloween costume and walked her over to the school theatre to attend a fundraiser. They had a famous author (who writes popular girls books) to come, host a tea party and sign books. All the girls wore the fanciest of dresses. It was sugary sweet.

During the afternoon, she rode her new bike and dictated the menu for tonight's gourmet feast.
Hot Dogs.
Macaroni and cheese.

Matt almost fainted with joy when he saw the Kraft blue box on the counter. (Not something we eat very often- and we only have hot dogs on the 4th of July, so this was indulgent). 

We capped off the night with a serious round of Wii bowling, and Lucy told us she feels much bigger now that she's three. We smiled, because after this weekend, we're a bit bigger too.


Sugar Photography said...

My guy turned 4 today, and he made us eat dinner at Luby's Cafeteria.

We stuck candles in his jello and jiggled it as he blew them out

the things we do for our kids ;)

Ian's mom said...

I had to run to the grocery this afternoon (and I had read this entry this morning.) Guess what I had to buy!?! That's right some blue box mac-n-cheese! GRRRR!

Heather said...

What a great idea. Love they pick your diner idea. Will have to try that in the future.