Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I wondered when this day would come. I dreaded it- and waited in morbid anticipation for the day when my easy going, flexible, loving, empathetic youngest daughter would begin to sow her two year old oats. I still haven't quite recovered from Annie's trip down the Terrible Twos and remember with absolute clarity a trip to Disneyland two years ago, when Annie laid down in front of Ariel's Grotto and kicked and screamed in anger. As the throngs of tourists passed us by with curious glances, I started yelling at her "Get Up! You will have fun! Do you hear me? YOU WILL HAVE FUN!"

One of my finer parenting moments. Remind me to submit that to Wondertime or something.

Anywhoo... about 2 hours ago, I witnessed Lucy hit her sister over the head with a wooden rolling pin. This was entirely unprovoked. Annie and I were busy unwrapping all of the broken crayons so we can bake them into monster crayon turds for a fun arts and crafts project.

When the wood came into contact with Annie's skull, I'm not sure who yelled louder. Annie was pretty loud, which is totally understandable, because rolling pins used as weapons can be pretty effective. But, somewhere in the recesses of my high school drama days, I conjured up a raucous angry voice that shook the rafters of our crappy rental house.

Lucy looked surprised- I truly believe her thwarted two year old sensibility was not expecting this outcome. She was just curious about what would happen if she throttled her sister over the head with a wooden rolling pin. Now, unfortunately for Annie, Lucy knows.

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julie said...

Monster crayon turds! I'll have to keep that one in mind...