Thursday, June 19, 2008

Devil In The Details

Today is exhausting. Today is filled with millions of minute details that are not fun to do, but will keep me awake at night if I don't get them finished. Here is a snapshot of my day:

1. Raid the kids' playroom and launch an exhaustive debate with a 2 year old and a 4 year old about which toys are appropriate to donate to the women's shelter.

2. Fill a few garbage bags with toys that aren't fit to see the light of day and run bra-less to the curb to hand the bag of rejects to my bewildered garbage man. Lucky man will not have the chance to catch this sight again.

3. Load the car up with the negotiated booty, throw some clothes on the kids (and a bra on moi) and drag them along to the shelter in hopes of teaching them the joys of philanthropy.

4. Lesson is totally ruined because you have to drop off the stuff around the back of the shelter, and a man came out to unload everything. My four year old, with visions of philanthropic grandeur, hoped to "present" her toys to needy children and instead was forced to scream "Let ME help! I want to GIVE! LET ME GIVE!" while strapped to her carseat.

5. This made the man in charge of donations laugh.

6. Race home to shower and somewhat clean up the nuclear waste of a house before babysitter arrives.

7. Rush to pick up husband at work. Sneak in quick call to mother-in-law to thank her profusely for letting us stay (and hopefully not destroy) her lovely house.

8. Pick up a quick lunch at this local cafe that everybody and their brother went to today. Almost forced to eat outside in sweltering 96 degrees with 80 percent humidity before air conditioned table magically became available.

9. People at the next table shoot me quizzical looks when I start to cry grateful tears about not having to eat outside.

10. Finish fatty lunch while husband and I talk about how fat we are.

11. Go to bank to try and get deed to our house notarized.

12. Bank can't do it and sends us to Fed Ex place next door. Wait in line for an eternity.

13. Get notarized by someone who is so unpleasant and thick, I had to help her fill out the form.

14. Run hubby through drive-thru Starbucks so he can stay awake for the afternoon.

15. Drop hubby off at work, and run to Target to pick up toys for our upcoming roadtrip.

16. Spend just as much money on toys as it would cost to fly first class.

17. Call movers for the umpteenth time to make sure they will show up next week. (I'm paranoid like that).

18. Arrange for husband's car to be shipped- this takes no less than FIVE different phone calls, and 2 different types of shipping techniques for this to come to fruition. (My life is complicated like that).

19. Call escrow people to make sure we can sign our closing papers early. This is still unsure. DAMN! I thought I would sleep tonight....

19. Lose power due to a tremendous thunderstorm and watch a tree almost come down in the backyard. Sit inside, in 96 degree heat and now 100% humidity until air conditioning finally cranks back on.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a bit more fun. I promise to try and find something a bit more interesting to write about.


Ian's mom said...

Hang in there Kristen! (are you picturing the same cheesy 1980's kitten poster?! LOL) What day are the movers coming?

Heather said...

Wow, now thats a day!

Heather said...

Wow, now thats a day!

julie said...

I am totally cracking up over "LET ME GIVE!" That is something my child would do, too. :)