Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moving Right Along

Movers come tomorrow.
Must write in fragments because house is a jumbled mess.
Been up since dawn.
Bags almost packed.
Piggy banks emptied.
Fridge is clean.
Pantry is too.
Almost killed hubby last night.
He (finally!) cleaned his closet night before big move.
Been begging him to do this for months.
Can't find one Leapster game.
This is driving me crazy.
I think Texas Treeroach stole it.
If you see roach playing Leapster Nemo game, give me a holler.
Best friend from California called me this afternoon.
With bad news.
She's moving to North Carolina.
This stinks.
My sister-in-law texted me this morning.
With very, very good news.
My little brother left Iraq and now is in Germany.

This puts everything into perspective.


Heather said...

Congrats on your brother coming home. My return safe and sound too. GL on the move, cant wait to here all about it!


Ian's mom said...

Yippee! Billy's coming home!!! Woo hoo!! (now maybe I can get his Christmas cards from Ian's school to him! LOL)

Tara said...

We are so happy to hear Billy is on his way home - safe and sound. Please give him a huge hug from his Buffalo relatives when he returns.

Wishing you an easy and painless move! Much love, Tara