Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing

One of the things I will miss the most about Houston is my Friday playgroup. And I'm saying this because I really mean it, and not because they recently found my blog- "Hi Girls!".

Yesterday's soiree was a little different- our weekly host had a medical emergency, so plans were changed at the last minute to give her some rest. The impromptu change in plans did not affect our anklebiters one bit- they still created a staggering mess, and got into loads of trouble. Totally routine, folks.

However, there is some combination of trouble at this particular location, that always leaves me into fits of giggles. During a recent dinner party, the adults were too busy enjoying their chicken fried steak and sangria to notice the little ones had gone dangerously silent. Those without children may be perplexed into why adults actually fear QUIET children, but those in the know understand that silence breeds trouble..... messy, naughty trouble. This evening's ruckus involved pilfered lipstick- applied all over their faces, bathroom towels and cabinets. Not pretty. Not even Lancome lipstick looks good on the forehead.

Yesterday, we clearly spelled out the rules for them--- no playing in the master bedroom, no pilfered makeup and no serious messes. The host was babysitting the preschool's pet turtles for the summer, and we reiterated that the kids shouldn't touch the turtles, or take them out of the cage. All kids nodded their heads in agreement, without us realizing they had their fingers crossed behind their Gymboree backs. After we got caught up in talking, we suddenly realized the house was bathed in the sounds of silence.

Making a mad dash down the hall, we enter the master bedroom, to see my Annie sitting next to the bed. "Annie, I told you not to play in here." I say firmly. Suddenly, we hear giggles under the bed.

"C'mon girls. Let's go." Annie says. "And don't forget the turtles."

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Heather said...

OMGosh, that is too cute! Kids are always going to get in trouble no matter what you tell them, lol!