Friday, October 26, 2007

For My Lucy...

Happy Birthday Little One.

Two years ago today, you joined our little family. Since that time, you have added such joy to each and every day. You have a quiet way about you most of the time, but the minute your Daddy walks in- all bets are off. You squeak, you scream and flirt incessantly with him. You are the ultimate Daddy's girl.

You're also madly in love with your big sister. When she's in trouble, and having a time out, you always sit there, right next to her. Fun doesn't start for you unless Annie is in the thick of it. You give her a hug, first thing every morning, You hold hands with her, "nuggle" in her bed before turning in and always ask where she is.

Which brings me to talking: last May, you had tubes put in your ears. Since that operation, you have talked nonstop! You amaze folks with your verbal skills-- and I like to think you got that little part of you from your Mom.

You are so affectionate. When we grocery shop, and you ride in the cart, you constantly grab on to my shirt and pull me in for a hug and kiss. You love to be picked up, and always rest your head on my shoulder. I still rock you before bed, and probably will until you're 45, because it's my favorite part of the day.

The older you get, the more hair you have and the more you resemble your Granny. You are artistic, and love to paint and color. Currently, your favorite colors are pink and purple, and you think every day of the week is Tuesday. You adore going to school, can be shy when folks first meet you and when you dance, you kind of throw your arms up and down and it kind of looks like you are having a seizure. You love it when we all call you "Little Roo" and when you're in your crib at night, you either sing "Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods" or "Happy Birthday" to yourself. I so hope you have a good time at your party, and I'm sorry your pumpkin cake looks more like an overgrown orange. Happy Birthday Tinkerbell- your Mommy loves you.

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Tara said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday little Lucy. We h ope you have a fantastic party! Love, your Buffalo cousins

P.S. Send us some of those fancy cupcakes! :o)