Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Shopping Trip

I reveled in being a girl with girls today. It's still pretty hot, so as a treat today, I met one of my girlfriends (who also has 2 little girls) at our local mall extravaganza. We met at Nordstroms, and took our whole gang to their cafe for a lovely lunch. (except for the incident when someone-who-shall-remain anomymous threw their booster seat, but whatever). After lunch, we heard rumblings of a Lancome gift-with-purchase, so we trekked downstairs and before loading up on makeup, we detoured to the piano-man. Nordstroms always hires some good natured senior citizen to play Phantom of the Opera tunes while people drop some serious cash. I don't think he expects to be a toddler exhibit, but it wasn't just our kids fascinated by his playing. This geezer was a literal Pied Piper- he was surrounded by bewildered kids, absorbing every note of his "Music of the Night."

Then, it was off to the Lancome counter. We were helped by the nicest Irish makeup lady, and she took pity on us and loaded the kids up with free makeup bags filled with combs and little pots of pilfered lipgloss. Annie could not believe her luck, and has not let go of her leapord furry makeup bag since she got it in her grubby little hands. The kids had such fun at the counter, I asked if she would do Annie's birthday party in November- but she said it would be against store policy. (Rat bastards).

My kids weren't tuckerd out enough yet, so we then made our way over to Pottery Barn Kids, to inflict some damage on their kitchen display. I was only slightly embarrassed when Annie held up a toy iron and said, "Mommy? What is this?" Ummm.... yeah, not a lot of ironing goes on over here. We think wrinkles are our friend.

After tossing a couple of pennies in the fountain, it was time to head home. Both girls passed out in their carseats, still clutching their makeup bags. Sigh. A good day.

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