Friday, November 17, 2006

DVR Killed the Television Star

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
We're going on our fourth day of sickness. Sick days aren't fun when you're home with kids. Gone are the days when even having the flu was a respite from dealing with the freaks surrounding your cubicle. Sick days at home now feel like living in Minnesota in the winter... or Houston in the summer.
You can't go outside. You spend your days wiling away the time by trying to come up with entertaining activities that feverish infants and toddlers will enjoy. "Look at Mommy balance that cup on her head! Silly Mommy. Ok, baby, prop your head back up- only two more hours until you can have more Motrin." Any semblance of a schedule you once had is now out the window. My girls spend their days groggily awake, or fall asleep wherever they happen to be...(Annie's current favorite nap place is the area rug in front of the kitchen sink).
But the biggest difference between sick days and normal days is television. We're usually pretty strict with not exposing our kids to too much tv--- especially during the day. Daytime television is a huge pet peeve of mine--- it seems so vapid- after "Sesame Street" or "Between the Lions" the tv doesn't come on again most days until five o'clock. (How else does one make dinner?)
But on sick days? It's open season, baby! More Elmo's World? You got it. Want to see Dora the Explorer for the upteempth time today? Sure thing! As a result, my head not only hurts because yours truly is suffering from the flu, but I have songs stuck in my head. Not just any songs- but "Backpack Backpack" from Dora, and "It's a Big Big World" from "It's a Big Big World" (Does that sloth sound like he smokes pot, or am I just harkening back to my college days?)
Tomorrow, it's back to reality. Back to preschool, playgroup, and a tv-less afternoon. I'll miss my new friends--- be well Dora, stay strong Sloth and hopefully no one can tell me how to get to Sesame Street for quite some time.

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