Monday, August 25, 2008


I am alive. Barely. Mother-in-law coming home unexpectedly early (21DAYS!) and I am scrambling to empty house and make things presentable. Starting back at work adding to stress level- but yesterday, did the supremely stupid of all stupid things.

I got a puppy.

Matt and I "had" to attend a fundraiser for diabetes, and as part of the auction- they were auctioning off a live puppy. We kept making jokes about how tacky it was, until they held up the 12 week old black lab and both of us lost complete control of our brains. I kept getting outbid, and the auctioneer finally addressed Matt directly.

"Sir, is that woman standing next to you your wife?"

Matt, who absolutely hates being the center of attention to begin with, without thinking that he is surounded by his boss, and all of his new work- manages to weakly mumble a "yes".

"How much do you love your wife?" the auctioneer bellows to the hooting crowd.

Matt throws up his hands and starts bidding. The crowd goes wild. About as close to a rockstar moment as he is going to get.

This puppy is cute. He is little. (for now). He has to get up every 3 hours to go out in the yard. (Somehow, the irony that this endeavor makes me want to dip my genitals in sterilizing potion does not escape me).

We have named him George. He is curious, but also rather dumb- like a lame duck this country knows all too well and I am happy to forget.


jen said...

hoo guys fell for THAT line?


I've bid on a lab puppy once or twice myself...they are cute, those little rascals!

Heather said...

my lab is 14 yrs old, so i feel for that one before too, lol!

Jill said...

Uh I have a 7 year old Black Labrador - and she too was about 12 weeks when we got her...

I was ready to give her back for the first 2 years...

She STILL thinks she's a puppy. All 75 pounds of her.

The kids love her and think she's their dog. Good thing, because if she was mine... well... I still clean up the vomit.