Monday, August 4, 2008

Overheard at Lunch

I'm trying, unsuccessfully, to convince Matt to try for kidlet number three. During lunch at Islands today, I tried to solicit help from the anklebiters.

"Hey Annie! Would you like to have a little brother or another little sister?" I wheedled.

"Little sister." Annie mumbles through her Big Wave with cheese.

"Hey Lucy! How about you? Would you want a little brother or a little sister?"I ask.

"Meow." Lucy answers.

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Ian's mom said...

too funny - Ian is the one throwing hints around here. We were quoting Cars movie lines...Rob said "Don't drive my brother", I said "yeah, don't drive like my brother!"....Ian said in the most pitiful voice..."but I don't have a brother". Don't feel too bad for him though - five minutes later he said it would be just as fun to have a dog.