Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random Musings

Totally disconnected thoughts about stuff that has happened lately.

Went to Annie's dance recital last week. If you remember, she totally hates dance. The only reason she continued to go every week was because 1). I bribed her with a ridiculously cute leotard that has a poofy tutu attatched. 2.) She knows she gets to dance in a recital on a REAL stage! With an audience full of people that CLAP! For HER! She's such a sucker.

Not to get all Mama Rose on your Gypsy ass or anything, but Annie was surprisingly, a pretty good dancer for the five and under set. Despite her placement in the far back corner (for attitude adjustments, she tells me) she did a great job of once again amending the approved dance moves with her own versions of hip shakes and jazz hands.

We finally got tired of listening to Lucy complain every night at bed time and bought her a big girl bed this weekend. (Really, bed times had become tiresome, and mornings, even worse. She would, upon awakening, scream out in her best demonic voice "MOMMY. I want to get up NOW." Seriously unpleasant at any time of the day, but pre-coffee banshee wailings seriously dampen my mornings). We splurged on a "real" mattress, as opposed to the particle board ones they feature in the kids furniture areas- but then we had to cheapen out on our delivery options. Instead of paying $80 to have them come in and set it up, we opted for the $40 and leave-it-at-the-door-while-I-pray-that-my-husband-is-home-to-deal-with-this.

The truck shows up, and the girls cheer as the two burly delivery guys start sweating all over my driveway. They were a little surprised at their greeting- being, after all, delivery guys and not Aerosmith astronauts off to save the world or something, but Lucy and Annie were seriously excited to see this bed come in that door. The guys were either so charmed by my anklebiters, or my peace offering (bribe) of a cold Sprite must have worked- because they carried the whole dang thing and set it up in 10 minutes flat.

We went to a barbecue at a friend's apartment complex yesterday. She works with Matt, and has been over to our house something like 58 times in the last two years. It was very nice of her to have us over to swim in her complex pool, and my kids stored up 58 times worth of annoying behavior to fully convince this woman not to ever have kids. Matt did not feel up to swimming, so he lounged on a lounge chair and had to suffer amongst all of the co-ed, nubile eye candy frolicking about while I sweated, sweated some more and toted two kids around the pool. Annie did pick this particular afternoon to put her head underneath the water and start doing this whole underwater doggie paddle thing. I was so excited, I started screaming, and one of the college guys almost swallowed his cigarette as he put down his Zima and cheered her on.

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Heather said...

I will have to remember that delivery bribe idea!