Monday, May 19, 2008

Happiest Place On Earth

Home again. For five more weeks. Today, our travel day, was completely exhausting. Usually, my kids are awesome travelers. They think changing planes is a treat-- they think baggage claim is fascinating, and lollipops used to buy me an hour or two of in-flight peace.

No more. Today's measly three hour flight exhausted the remnants of what patience I had left. It was a fun week, but an exhausting one. We started the trip with a Disney tour-de-force. Something about the Magic Kingdom brings out my dormant competitive spirit. I HAD to get the family to the park before it opened. We hightailed it to Fantasyland, and I did stop my running long enough to catch Lucy's face as she glimpsed the castle for the first time. It was like looking at Christmas morning. She spent the entire rest of the day asking when she could go inside. I thinks she had visions of birds making her a dress. A pink frilly one.

We went to Dumbo first, because Disney-nerds, statistically, Dumbo is THE ride for the under five set. Because it has a lever where your little one can control how high or low the elephant flies- they think it's the swizzle shit. For some bizarre reason, the planets aligned and there was NO ONE at Disneyland that day. In 30 minutes, we rode Dumbo, Peter Pan, the tea cups, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and the carousel. It was insane. Seriously- if you ever want to avoid glimpsing the obese society that is the country of America- plan to visit Disney on a Wednesday in May. You can eat your churros in peace.

I won't bore you with any more details- like how cool the renovated Space Mountain is, or that you can do this whole "single rider/parent combination" that lets you skip some lines, but I will tell you not to take any two year olds to the 3d movie of "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" because you will want to rename it "Honey, I've Totally Freaked My Kid Out And She Now Needs Therapy."


Ian's mom said...

don't you love how the asteroids in space mountain look a lot like chips ahoy cookies?! Always makes me hungry riding that ride LOL
Dumbo's the big hit here too - and Animal Kingdom has a dino that Dumbo (just a few million years earlier)

Sugar Photography said...


We went last July and did not have the same experience...the ride for Nemo was over 2 hours long (and yes, we walked in right when the gates opened)


but space mountain? I have a distinct memory of waiting at the exit for my hubby (he rode, I waited with the kids so we could swap out and I could have a turn)

he wandered out, hair sticking straight up, dazed look on his face

I said "Great! Here are the turn!"

and he whispered "Wait...I gotta sit down for a sec"