Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Houston, We Have A Stupid Mommy

I'm going to apologize for this upfront, and swear on my cheese rinds that this blog is not turning into some morphed, sadistic Christmas letter where I will go on and on and on about how wonderful and smart my kids are- but I have to share this so you can somewhat experience the humbling sense of awkwardness that was my afternoon today.

Annie's class is doing a theme on space. She's very into space- she has space puzzles, she loves Jack Big Music Show's rendition of Space Explorers and for a while, her favorite planet was Saturn. Today, on the drive home, she asked what we were going to do with the rest of our day. I told her the same old same old--- going home for quiet time, then Mommy has to rally and hide our mess because we have friends coming over for dinner. Then, thinking I was a cool preschool Mommy, I ask her if she wants me to turn our Honda Odyssey into a space ship and take off for a planet.

"What do you think Annie? Want Mommy to press this button here (hazard lights) and take us to Neptune? Or maybe Pluto! What do you think?" I ask.

There is silence from the back seat.

Suddenly, she pipes up- using a tone of voice that suggests I should have known bettter.

"Mom- MIss Patty says Neptune is too close to the sun, and that it gets too hot for us to go there, so I don't want to go to Neptune today. And Pluto is no longer a planet."

I am so totally screwed when she starts learning math.


Evan & Robin Sorem said...

Neptune is a cold gaseous planet and is the 8th planet from the sun - - nothing about it is hot. But Annie has you fooled. And Ms. Patty doesn't know *%!#.

On the other hand, your 4 year old knows that Pluto is no longer a planet. Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave.


Gerbil said...

I dread when Short Stuff starts to correct me...

Sugar Photography said...


you are so screwed.

aren't you in houston? have you guys ventured out to NASA yet?

we were there a few weeks ago and had THE BEST time.

Sam is now drawing space ships all the darn time. no more unicorns and ponies...all spaceships. even I had a good time!