Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Funny Girls

We've been busy. Busy with a capital- B, and if I dare show you pictures of what we have been busy with, you will agree with my mother that I really, really need to get a job. Today was transportation day at preschool- and their parking lot was taken over with pedi-cabs, pony rides, semi-trucks, ambulances, firetrucks, school buses, cop cars, some crazy zebra car from the zoo and horse drawn carriages.

Of course, stupid me signed up to bring snack today. During Annie's parent-teacher conference, they hit me up with this request, and I was so pleasantly overwhelmed with having a conference that I didn't get nervous for, and having a conference where they truly acted like they liked my kid, and hearing that my kid didn't smear poop all over the bathroom or break anyone's leg I was more than happy to agree to make firetrucks for today's snack.

After a long internet search- we settled on graham crackers, smeared with red royal icing, Oreo cookies for the wheels, pretzel sticks for ladders and red jellybeans for the sirens and white ones for the headlights. These suckers were CUTE. And also a complete pain in the ass.

While making the cookies, Lucy started whimpering about a bug on the floor. Absentmindedly listening to her while piping hubcaps on Oreos, I muttered "Don't worry Lucy, it's not a bug, it's probably a piece of dirt."

A few minutes later Lucy tugs on my leg and asks: "Mommy? When did dirt learn how to walk?" It was a bug.

Today, I was telling Annie how we're going to California soon, so we can buy a new house.

"How are we going to do that?" she asks. "Houses are so big! Who will carry it to the car?" I laughed and told her we would order it online, and the mailman would deliver it. My kids think our mailman is better than Santa Claus- with all of the stuff he has for them in his truck. But his truck is not as cool as this:

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Laura said...

you are too good my dear! I am so buying your cookbook someday when you write it!