Thursday, April 3, 2008


Rest assured folks- Neptune is cold, and Annie takes after her Mommy after all. We are pooped today. We had friends over for a casual dinner last night- and had such a good time, the kids didn't go to bed until 10pm. I've got some serious crankypants on my hands today, and after I finish cleaning up last night's ruckus (I've got Little People hidden all over the house) I'm going to really try and get these little ones down for a nap.

Matt gets home today from his LAST interview- so at last, it is now deliberation time. I will feel so relieved when I finally know where I'm going, and can start figuring things out. In the last few months, I have researched FIVE different places to live-- which is exhausting when you think about it. FIve very different places- with different kinds of houses, schools, etc. No wonder I don't know which planet I'm on.

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