Tuesday, October 16, 2012


She's turning nine in a few weeks. More and more, I get glimpses of the person she is becoming.

Last week, she finally got a library card in her own name. When you're almost nine, this is big, big stuff. Yesterday, after school, she adamantly asked to go to the library. What mom can resist? I watched her, holding her pink sparkly purse, with her books neatly stacked in her arm. She confidently strolled through the stacks, selected a few books, and nonchalantly checked them out. My mind sped forward- and substituted her pink sparkly purse for a laptop bag, or a diaper bag. Or both.

Damn, this is going by much too fast.

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Lady Di said...

Hi! I miss you, my virtual doppelgänger - for some reason, the iPad / iPhone combo weaned me off writing or even reading blogs, and I gave up Twitter (for Pinterest, talk about out of the frying pan into the fire), but today I decided to check in on old 'friends.' Glad to hear you and yours are doing well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!