Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving Right Along

I just bought 100 feet of bubble wrap and 25lbs of newprint paper. It felt better than a fancy pair of shoes, because it means I'm finally saying goodbye to our rental house.

The rental house with drawers filled with someone else's fingernails. Remember that housewarming gift? I still shudder.

We have lived here live for 7 months. And during that time-
  • the air conditioner broke twice (something you CANNOT live without in Houston).
  • the roof leaked once.
  • our power has gone out more times than I can remember.
  • the ceiling fan in my kids' room almost came out of the ceiling.
  • the kitchen sink leaked.
  • the kitchen faucet refused to work.
  • The single, solitary outlet in the master bath stopped working.
  • A family of (hopefully?) squirrels took up residence in our attic.
  • Someone stole beer out of the trunk of my car when I was bringing in groceries.
  • Someone stole a book of checks from my mailbox.
  • Someone stole my drivers license (with the hideous picture).
  • Someone is now posing as me & is working as a dishwasher in a Texas restaurant. Hey! At least they're paying their Social Security.
Technically, our lease isn't up until July. But the property management company that manages the house is so terrific- they understand the litany of house repairs we've had are somewhat ridiculous, and are being really reasonable. (Blessings everywhere you look!) So yes, this time around- I'm ecstatic to see the packing paper and bubble wrap. I'm wrapping anything I can get my hands on, so the dog better be careful where he naps.

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