Monday, October 4, 2010

Shop Till You Drop

Monday. Blurgh. As some of you know, I like to cook big family dinners on Mondays. Today, I was inspired by this recipe mostly because the weather has turned and I can think about baking a biscuit, and also- pickled jalapenos! My love affair continues.

So I'm in the local HEB Market. I go through the arduous task of selecting all my produce- weighing them & printing out the little sticker price tags. I make it about half way through the store, and stop in the cereal aisle. After finding my kids' Raisin Bran Crunch (Mommy's little fiber helper) I look up, and my cart is gone. GONE.

I immediately start to run- 45 minutes has already gone into filling that cart, and I really don't want to start again. I grab my box of cereal and start running the aisles- furtively looking at everyone's cart- and hoping against hope to find one with a pink bag of Baked Lays chips. (October is breast cancer awareness month- did you know?)

In other words, I look like a complete lunatic.

In the frozen foods section, I spot a cart with a pink bag of potato chips. I glance down, and the woman pushing the cart looks at me like I'm going to mug her Batman fruit snacks.

"Ummm.... I think you took my cart by mistake." I say as I notice my chili fixings, pickled jalapenos and HEB Kettle Corn (do not judge).

"OH CRAP!" the woman bellows, and I instinctively take two steps away from her and bump into the case of frozen pizzas.

"Where the hell is MY cart?" she says as she grabs her Batman fruit snacks and glowers at me.

"Cereal aisle?" I gulp and quickly grab the cart and hightail it over to ice cream.

Next Monday I'm ordering pizza.


Kelly said...

Too funny! I bet the other lady was pretty embarrassed.

Just found your your writing.

Sandra said...

I've accidentely taken carts before. I never made it to another isle though! LOL