Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Open Wide

These past two weeks have been a flurry of "getting stuff done." Pediatrician appointments. Termite inspections. Plumbers. Roofers. Bleh. Before we hightail it out of Cali, I thought it would be a good idea to sneak in another visit to our dentist.

My dentist is a unique guy. Quite frankly, until this encounter, I thought he played for the other team. He has always been friendly. But recently? More so. Uncomfortably so. With his hands in my mouth, he commented on my skin. I gurgled and mumbled thank you. Then he asked me if I knew what my first name meant. (It's hard to carry on a conversation while someone is scraping tartar, but I tried my best). He said he thought it meant (and I'm not making this up) angel. I started giggling (which caused me to drool on myself) and said, "Um, I don't think so." He insisted that "for you, it must mean angel." ????

Today, I was back in the office, taking my kids to get their teeth checked. (different dentist). He saw me in the hallway. He walked by me. Turned around .Took off his glasses, looked me up and down and said "How are you today, angel?" For the record, I'm a 37 year old Mom in yoga pants. With a bit of a tarnished halo. And I don't think I'll let this guy use anesthetic anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Giggling. Especially given that our last wedding song dance was Cowboy Junkies "Angel Mine" - "I can't promise that I'll grow those wings or keep this tarnished halo shined, but I'll never betray your trust, angel mine".

Hey, as an almost-36 year old mom of 3, I'll take the compliments where I get them. Even if it from a sexually ambiguous creepy dentist. You're hot, mama! :)

kelly von hemert said...

I'm seriously creeped out. Do not let this one go with the nitrus oxide...