Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm starting to wonder if I was born with a magnetic ability to attract stress and chaos.

Tragically, I currently have a family member that is critically ill. This is heart wrenching, and difficult, and upsetting to everyone- including my kids. It's hard to explain death to your child. I'm trying my best to be honest, but respect the innocence of their childhood.

We are moving. Which by itself, can be stressful. We do not have a house picked out in Texas, and we're still trying to decide whether to buy or rent.

We are maneuvering through a difficult real estate market in California- and not to poke fun, but it's a bit wild, wild, west.

I'm trying to get my kid in a private school that requires a bit of hoop jumping, magic tricks and professional head shots. (thank God I know a GREAT photographer).

I'm having trouble sleeping. My dog is acting up. My kids are a bit on the sensitive side. I'm craving a normal, ho hum day where we can all relax, make a mess and not worry about strangers coming in. No boxes to unpack. No repairmen all over the house.

We'll get there. But you'll probably have to listen to me whine a bit more before it happens.

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