Monday, February 9, 2009

Ariel Eats Flounder Rolls for Dinner

We went out for sushi again tonight. After having the brain child of convincing our children that Japanese food is the only kind of food mermaids eat, they are willing to give it a go. Tonight they happily ate miso soup as long as we called it kelp, and not seaweed. They slurped up udon noodles, ate shrimp dumplings, and macked on some teriyaki and tempura. Annie even ate a tuna roll and Lucy can now use chopsticks. (She can't seem to stop pooping in her diaper at night, but whatever). 

I wish Disney would pick their next princess from India. I'd like to break some naan family style.


Heather said...

Good idea, I will have to try that!

Jill said...

Um yeah... let me know how you get your kids to eat naan and other Indian food.

After 6 months here, I still can't get them to try almost anything!