Monday, November 17, 2008

Home Run

We are home. Our puppy is back with us. I feel a bit guilty--- not only did he get his boy parts snipped, but he was thrust in the middle of a natural disaster and evacuated to a seedy part of town (he spent the night in an animal shelter- I'm lucky he didn't come home with a veneral disease and a meth habit). 

The trip was awesome. The girls were really good on the plane. I will be happy if I never have to play another game of Uno for as long as I live, but whatever will keep them occupied. It was GREAT seeing all of our friends- but it was also surreal. It was slipping right back into our old life, and then I would have flashes where I would worry about my puppy, or wonder how things back here were going. It's confusing to still be in a state of transition where nowhere really feels like home yet. 

Madonna was incredible. Worth every penny we forked over for the tickets. We had dinner beforehand, and splurged on tapas and sangria- and then continued the party with wine and beer at the concert. Our seats were next to a large contingent of gays that flew in from Arkansas. We became good friends throughout the 4 hour event. (She started an hour and a half LATE, which would be annoying if you weren't tanked and ripping on everyone's fashion sense with a gay back up dancer from Arkansas that told me Raven Simone was a C&^%.) People did wear lace wedding outfits- complete with veils and lace hot pants. There was your quota of drag queens, lots of lace fingerless gloves, but sadly, no cone bras. 

As for the show- we had to keep reminding ourselves that she is really fifty. She wears these incredible lace up boots, with high, high heels- yet despite this she does squat jump after squat jump and the first half of the show was all up beat, dance-your-lace hotpants-off stuff that had my heart rate going gangbusters and I was just sitting in a chair, clapping my hands, burping up sangria. She is clearly pissed at her soon-to-be ex-husband, and working out her issues on stage as opposed to therapy. Lucky for us! 

I'm glad to be back, glad my dog is not burned to a cinder and ready to jump right into Annie's birthday (Thursday) and my father-in-law arriving (Friday). It's going to be a week.

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Heather said...

Yeah for puppy to be home! We were in the hotel that madonna played at in Vegas and I know exactly what your talking about when you mention crazy fashion sense. WOW! lol!