Thursday, November 13, 2008

And She's Off

We are off tomorrow- for 3 fun-filled days in Houston, visiting old friends. Because I'm me, and the universe is aware of this, I am fairly certain the following will happen:

1. A kidlet will get sick. Actually, this has already happened. Knowing this will happen, I proactively scheduled a doctor's appointment and got my daughter's bronchitis diagnosed, so we would we be well on our antiobiotic way, and not contagious. It will still be joyous to watch folks on the airplane try and hide their disgust when my daughter coughs up her lung on their honey roasted peanuts.

2. My kids will not sleep. I am actually, very nervous about this. We are staying with the gold medal Olympians of sleep. They nap, willingly, with CLOSED DOORS. My kids jump on couch cushions and say things like "Me No Need Sleep! Me Stay Awake All Hours!" We are going to be very popular house guests.

3. In preparation of the 3 day insomnia fest, I have rented a car to provide easy means for me to escape when my kids get crazy. Nothing means business faster than Mommy strapping you in your carseat for a torturous ride along one of Houston's Bayous. And I will sing "It's A Small World" for the ENTIRE ride. 

4. The car rental place will screw up. In some fashion or another, either I won't have a reservation, or the expensively rented "carseats" will really be vomitous stacks of playing cards that have been covered in cheap felt with "pretend" seat belts. I'm on to you, Budget Rent-A-Sleaze.

In other news, we dropped George off at the vet for the ol' "Snip Snip" to occur while we are away. (Yes, I am chickenshit enough to do this when I am boarding him- what of it?). We are having a micro-chip installed in his neck while he is sleeping, so that if he is ever lost they can drop him off at the closest DSW for his next snack.

The house is strange without the puppy here. We are reveling in the emptyness, and living dangerously by carelessly and recklessly leaving our shoes strewn about. We know how to live, people.


Ian's mom said...

silly that I'm jealous of you going to Houston - you know how I "love" it - but I am. I hope you have an amazing time!
(oh - and Ian wants to know what kind of temporary car you get so he can add it to his database!)

Heather said...

You have to tell us how many of those you got right, lol! I hope none but we all know at least some will come true, lol!