Monday, August 8, 2011

Annie Get Your (Ear Piercing) Gun

At long last, Annie got her ears pierced.

She's wanted earrings for quite some time. I had to wait until I was 10, and since what was good for the goose is supposed to be for the gander, I'm actually proud I was able to make it to almost eight. Sigh. Must work on parenting toughness.

The week before the grand event, I caught her talking to her ears in the mirror. "Don't worry ears!" she crowed. "Soon you will have earrings!"What is this, a 2nd grade version of "The Secret?"

When the actual day arrived, she got pretty nervous. Here she is with a good buddy, who graciously volunteered to hold her hand. Her little sister ran away- she couldn't bear to watch!

First glimpse in the mirror after the earrings are in...


We celebrated with frozen yogurt from Tasti-D...

Today it's earrings, tomorrow she raids my closet. Crikey, this goes by fast.


Weintribe said...

I seriously love this.

Sam made it PAST our family's cut-off of 8 by almost 10 months before waking up one morning, ready to take the plunge.

No lie, she got into the chair, had the lady mark her ears, then needing to 'take a minute' in the bathroom. I told the lady "we won't be back', but sure enough, she pulled it together and did the deed.

To date, she's only successfully changed ONE earring (so yes, she's in 3rd grade with two different earrings), but the fact that she did it impresses me to no end.

Here's to your brave (and BIG!) girl, for convincing her mom to do it early and following through.


for the love of a house said...

I'm thinking I know what she wants for xmas.. earrings!!! I love this post. Brings back memories of getting my own pierced- I wanted them sooooo bad! I think I was 12.
It's lovely to meet you, but you're killing me with your virtual Tex-Mex, margs and pecan pie!!! loved it!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

p.s. thank you so much for leaving your "calling card!"