Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

I am here. Just insanely busy. With the end of the school year fast approaching, and a couple of projects heating up, I'm not able to Lollygag er... Lollyblog much anymore. This morning my husband ran out of clean underwear and socks, and since he announced this at 4:30am and I burrowed myself under my pillow, I wouldn't stand too close to him today. I bet he's a bit smelly. Or going commando.

In other news, my kids are now "ranking" their love meters. At Granny's house this weekend, my usually cup- over'floweth- with- love -for- Mommy 3 year old decided she had to sit next to her Granny. She then informed the table that she loved Mommy "16" and Granny "17." My Mom smiled, but then glanced at me with a worried face. I didn't really see this because I was too busy doing a jig and hightailing it out the door to go see Star Trek. Which I loved. Being 16 again has some advantages.

It is now 8:53am and I'm sitting here in my jammies. My kids are downstairs playing "squishy dolls" (cheapie princess dolls from the drugstore that hold magical powers and distract for long periods of time- go figure). Their school starts in 7 minutes and we have a 20 minute drive. I'm contemplating just keeping them home, which in a week from now when there's no place to take them, will make me roll my eyes with insanity.

I'm 16 you guys- we have no common sense.

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Random said...

It's just not possible to complain about being allowed to watch Star Trek, skip school (vicariously), and lounge around in pajamas for as long as you please. If Granny gets to be "17," then I say - let someone else worry about the consequences of that one missed day or the late load of laundry.
Also, I noticed that you call your GPS "Jane." We do, too (named ours after the computer entity in the Ender books).